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May-Jun 2012 cover

May – June 2012

Ignorance Is Not Bliss
One of the most frustrating aspects of the wind down of the long registry portion of the Liberal 1995 Firearms Act has been the ignorance displayed by opposition members of parliament in regards to basic Firearms Act requirements and their criminal code ramifications. During the parliamentary and senate hearings on Bill C-19, the government bill that proposes to end long gun registration, the deceptive mystifying “we register automobiles, dogs and bicycles, why not gun” card was…

Mar-Apr 2012 cover

March – April 2012

Genocide, The UN And Gun Control
Governments have deliberately killed far more people between wars than killed in war during twentieth century. Almost six times as many people were murdered at the hands of those working for the government than died in battle in the last century. Governments can help make people’s lives better, but they can also turn deadly. By continuing its efforts to disarm civilians, the United Nations is undermining, not protecting democracy. The best estimate is that governments murdered 262 million…


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