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May-Jun 2015 Cover

May – June 2015

The cover photo depicts Team Saskatchewan competing in target shooting at the 2015 Winter Games. Unfortunately, target shooting will not be part of the 2019 Games, and this is a concern for all Canadian firearms owner. High performance athletes in the sport of target shooting are in the public eye along with hockey, cross country skiing, judo and assorted other sports. This reinforces the legitimacy of…

Mar-Apr 2015 Cover

March – April 2015

As we head towards a federal election, which many believe could be called early given the state of the Canadian economy, it is important for firearms owners to consider their voting options. As you may realize, although the NFA is the only registered federal lobbyist on firearms matters, we are often given short shrift by this government. It is mainly because we are critical thinkers who aren’t believing these hollow promises and…

Jan-Feb 2015 Cover

January – February 2015

This summer, I had the opportunity to watch a precision shooting competition and found myself fascinated by the environment – mainly because it was so different than the competitive shooting environment that I am used to. Biathlon is, without a doubt, a unique sport to begin with: maximum effort cross country skiing, combined with shooting outdoors under significant time pressure, with anywhere between 5,000 and 25,000…

Nov-Dec 2014 Cover

November – December 2014

Consider Firearms Rights When Casting Your Vote
One of the essential problems with our expensive and unnecessary firearms laws is that there is an instant stigma of guilt when someone is spotted with a firearms. The reason for this calamitous situation is quite simple: it is illegal in Canada to be in possession of a firearm,, and it has been that way for several years since the Liberal former Bill C-68 came into effect. The licensing of firearms owners is tied to the provisions of S. 91 an 92 of the criminal code that define…


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