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Mar-Apr 2017 cover

March – April 2017

Women Have The Right To Choose To Defend Themselves.
The rise of the second-wave feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a revolution, of sorts, as to how western women would be liberated from the oppression of the traditional male patriarchy. Issues included equal pay for equal work and a woman’s right to choose what she can do with her own body. Paradoxically, in a strange twist or irony, many of these same feminist activists have been…

May-Jun 2017 cover

May – Jun 2017

Building An Outdoor Range.
Urban sprawl and gun ranges seldom mix. And that’s been the case in Saskatoon, Sack, as well. Noise is the biggest concern, followed closely by perceived human safety and environmental contamination. “A gun range? Not in my back yard!” Since 1931, the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation (SWF) has used the same facility on the city’s northeast edge, operating indoor and outdoor shooting ranges in piece. But after more than 80 years, change came knocking. Saskatoon was booming, and city planners…

Jan-Feb 2017 cover

January – February 2017

RCMP Confuses PAL Holders With Criminals
Is a national police force a help or a threat to democracy? Unquestionably, professional police are the best deterrent to crime, but robust democracy cannot exist when the police are too powerful or if they are corrupt. Just compare Russia with New Zealand. To keep our democracy, we must continually monitor the political power of the RCMP. Recent events suggest the RCMP invents its…

Nov-Dec 2016 Cover

November – December 2016

Like the disastrous League of Nations that preceded it, the United Nations excels in the rhetoric of idealism. It’s the major political virtue of the UN-style internationalism. With it, Trudeau’s Liberals can bask in the warm, virtuous glow of higher moral purpose as they commit Canada to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The UN has declared that the ATT…


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